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20 sec of insane courage

salam..lama tak update..tak ada apa y nak diupdatekan sebenarnya..(post 2 minggu lepas rasanya)

kalau ad sesiapa yang pernah tengok cerita "We bought a Zoo", mesti tau 20 seconds of insane courage. dalam masa 20 saat, nampak seseorang y menarik, try pikat by asking a question.. and jangan expect apa yang akan jadi selepas tu.

warning: (broken English)
been done that actually but have no guts to say it, just text it nicely after thinking about 20 minutes on it. and the question is(drum rolls please):-

Q: if I propose u for marriage, would u accept it??

A: HAH!! are u joking??kenapa??hahaha

the answer as expected during the thinking part, but it felt like a really2 huge burden have been lift off by Hulk from my shoulders..

sometime we do need that right!! =)

okay bye

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Abel Nightroads said...

Oh3, beraninyeeee abe mujis~~~ LOL